BY Danny Weisfeld

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The journey begins here

"The nigun (music/melody) is the medium between the spiritual and the corporeal"
Baal HaSulam

Childhood nature hikes

When I was a child, my father and I used to go hiking.
On one of our hikes, I asked:
- “So... Dad, if we all die, what is the purpose of life?”
- “No one really knows. There are only speculations - he answered”.
- "So who is this God that everyone is talking about?" - I asked.
- "I don’t believe in him," He said. “I don’t believe that there is some old grandfather sitting on a cloud somewhere. and he is all good, and he created everything for us ... because, if he exists, why is he hiding from us?

Nigun: "El Mistater" (The hidden Creator)


No longer a child.
Standing before a crossroads.
Should I take the path of reason?
Or, should  I follow my heart.
I went on a journey.
I Climbed on the highest peaks… and fell to the darkest depths.
And the race is never ending… ups… downs… ups… downs…
Like a pendulum... we’re moving on... the march of life.

Nigun: “March”


The questions keep flooding my mind, the search never stops.
Until one day something happens. A spark is ignited in my heart.
A light shines at the end of the tunnel.
There is somewhere to go.

Nigum: “Kirvu Li” (Come close to me)

The nigun of the heart

I discovered melodies with infinite depth.
Frequencies of a different vibration pound at my heart, and it started beating again.

Nigun: “Hine KaHomer” (Like clay)

With one voice

I’m Standing before a sea of people.
Everyone is so different from each other, yet we’re all connected above the differences by music.
Singing in one voice, as one man with one heart.
A true feeling of love dwells between all.

Nigun: “Bnei Hichala” (Children of the temple)

Mending the connections

Many years have gone by.
The ties need strengthening.
Time to come back.

“The only hope is to reveal and ignite once more the natural love that has been dimmed within us.”
Baal HaSulam

Nigun: “Hamol al ma’asecha” (Have mercy for your deeds)


Lets continue from here with an optimistic prayer.
That everything will be good… for everyone

Nigun: “Ya’ale tachnuneinu” (Raise our prayers)

״This is all our work—to reveal love between us, each and every day״

Baal HaSulam